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A website audit is a deep dive into the technical and design side of your website.
It is a necessary checkup that shows what your website is lacking in terms of website content, SEO, design, and visitor usability.

There are many reasons why a website audit is a great idea. Your site may be slow and outdated, you’re not ranking on Google your site is not converting how you expect it to, you arent making sales,  and it’s old and hasn’t been looked at technically since the day it was launched.  Website audits provide a blueprint that can correct all of these issues + more.

Website audits are $197 and we will audit up to 5 pages on your website. 

Website audits are performed as a two-part extensive blueprint. 

Part one will consist of a 45 minute pre-recorded video audit of the current state of your site, concerning:

1. website design

2. user experience

3. lead generation

4. website word content

5. basic SEO

6.overall brand aesthetic

Part two will consist of a written  corrective action plan that’ll outline steps to better help you meet your business’s goals

Website audits are designed to provide you the necessary tools and blueprint so that you can achieve a better online presence. Thus, my website audits are normally complete in 6-9 business days. In some occassions, sooner. 

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Website Audit Inquiry

Website Audit Inquiry

Perfect for mompreneurs who need a professional audit and blueprint on their current website.